The GASCAR 2012 schedule is posted, and will include 6 non-points races at Lagoon Park Raceway in Montgomery, Alabama. The GASCAR Dynamite .12 Series will continue with Sam Presnell and his schedule for the Carolinas. The .15 Pro Pan class will run in conjunction with the LPR 1/4 scale Super Series Races. Format will include four, 50 lap sprint races. We will be racing nitro pan on these dates, so plan your schedule to attend. GASCAR Pro Pan rules still apply.

The Associated muffler, and the HPI A870 muffler are no longer legal for the GASCAR Series. Due to unavailability of the HPI, and non-production of the Associated mufflers, the CEN Racing Muffler #MG030 will be the only legal muffler for the .15 Pro Pan Class for the 2012 season. Mufflers are to be purchased from Mobile Hobbies, at a cost of $9.00. A 6-32 pressure nipple can be applied at the "original site" of the old one, if needed for a better pressure line. The CEN muffler uses the same metric mounting bolts used on the HPI. The HPI A870 is still legal for the .12 Dynamite Class.

GASCAR will run two classes for the 2012 GASCAR Series. Pro Pan 15, and the Dynamite 12 will be the only two classes run. Please refer to the "Rules and Schedule Links" on this website for complete information.

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We like our racers and readers to give us your ideas and thoughts that might help make GASCAR a better organization. GASCAR is an organization run by its racers, and the majority vote of its members makes the rules. Please use the e-mail form on our "Contacts" page to send us your thoughts or suggestions. Or, just e-mail us, at the address listed, for a quicker response.

Points totals for the 2012 season will not be kept this season for the Pro .15 class. Please check out the GASCAR Dynamite 12 schedule and rules for their points breakdown.

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