Q: Where did the idea of GASCAR come from?
A: GASCAR was the "Brain Child" of racers, Tim McCown, Tim Smith, and Alex Love, back in the fall of 2001. The initial concept was to offer a series dedicated to the promotion of Nitro Oval Racing, and is run by the racers themselves. In doing this, the idea was to keep the race format as close to NASCAR as possible; complete with green flag pit stop racing. The mechanics of how to accomplish this was a trial and error effort, with the first-ever GASCAR race being held at Lagoon Park R/C Raceway, in Montgomery, Alabama in October 2001. The race was not without some kinks, being a 250 lap main, but the idea caugt on very well and GASCAR was born. Since that initial race, GASCAR has evolved into one of the most competitive nitro oval series in the south, with tracks hosting races in Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia. GASCAR's format is still with the four qualifier heats, but the mains are 250 laps long, with the season finale consisting of 500 laps.

Q: Why does GASCAR run such long races?
A: GASCAR is set up to be as close to NASCAR type racing as possibe. The GASCAR points system is the same as NASCAR and our races are longer, so pit strategy, fuel mileage,driving ability, consistency, and car setup are all key factors.

Q: Aren't longer races harder on the epuipment? Such as tire wear and engine problems?
A: yes, longer races are hard on equipment because of the heat and vibration. But, the cars are designed to withstand the rigors of endurance racing. We have found that tire wear on our capped tires is extremely good. We actually get as much longevity from our tires as running shorter races. As far as the engines go, these little engines are extremely durable and will not come apart or break if they are tuned correctly.

Q: Are there any other advantages to running longer mains than the usual qualifier and heat format?
A: By running longer mains, it takes the advantage of the fastest car out of the equation. The faster an engine runs, the more fuel it burns. Gas mileage is the key to finishing a race and winning. Also, if you break early in the race, chances are, you can make repairs on your car and re-enter and actually make up laps and still have a chance to win. The longer race acts as an equalizer, so to speak. Car setup and driving strategy play a key role in winning......not speed.

Q: Where can I get a copy of the rules for the cars, and the classes you run?
A: The rules for each class are posted on this website, under the "GASCAR Rules" heading.

Q: What are the dues for GASCAR and how do i join?
A: GASCAR membership dues are $5.00 per year, payable at the first race of the year. You can download one of our membership forms from this website and mail it in to the address shown. Or just show up at one of our GASCAR events, listed on our schedule, and join at the track.

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