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The 2011 season is underway with some crazy weather changes making it difficult to get started. Race #2 at Easley was called due to 80% chance of rain, and race #2 at Rosewood was called after rain washed it out. Race #3 at Lagoon Park went as planned with four racers participating. The heat has been a factor at each race with temperatures topping 93+ degrees most of the time. Humidity has been in the 80s so keeping hydrated and cool has been a priority.
     Gasoline is still over $3.00 a gallon so travel has gotten very expensive. Who would have thought that we would get excited about gas at $3.45/gallon? But, that is cheap in todays world. Traveling and pulling a trailer is expensive, along with hotel and food expenses. I know that it puts a dent in every racers wallet to have to travel and I have no answers for it. We will just have to endure until gas prices come down, if they ever do. Travel expenses along with the cost of racing itself makes it hard for the majority of us racers. We will just have to do the best that we can.
     My thanks so John Foister of BSR for continuing to make a top notch tire for us to race with. If it weren't for John and his company, we would not be racing at all right now. Thanks, John to you and all your employees. John has been more than gracious in preparing tires with our input, and with his racing with us, he knows just what we need.
     We will continue with the current schedule as planned and hope that racers can make the trips as the deem fit. I know expenses are high, and the economy is in the tank, so if you can't make the trip, we will keep trying to provide a racing venue and hope that the economy picks up soon. Thanks to all you racers who support GASCAR and what we are doing. Take care and good racing.
     Tim Smith, President

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