Rules for Competition

POINTS SYSTEM: The points system for GASCAR is the same as that used for NASCAR; with first place receiving 185 points, and each subsequent place dropping 5 points thru sixth place; then dropping four points from 7th through 11th; then dropping three points from 12th place on down. Top qualifier in each class receives 5 bonus points.

TECH INSPECTION: Every car, in each class will be required to pass technical inspection before qualifying starts. Please refer to our "GASCAR RULES" page for car specifications. Cars that pass inspection will have a color dot placed on windshield that MUST remain on the car body until all races are completed. The top five cars in each main will be placed in Tech, immediately after main is finished. All body screws must be removed prior to tech.

QUALIFYING: The top qualifier in each class is determined by the single fastest qualifier turned in the qualifying heats. Qualifying heats consists of three (3) rounds for each class. Pro Pan runs 50 lap qualifying heats; Dynamite Pan runs 50 lap qualifying heats.

MAINS: .15 Pro Pan mains consist of 350 laps or more, depending on program. 12 Dynamite Pan mains consist of 60 laps. If a "B" Main is run, it will consists of 50 laps in length.

MAIN SETUP: The "A" Main will consist of the top ten qualifiers. If the total number of entries is 14 or less, the top 8 qualifiers have an automatic start in the "A" Main, and the remaining cars run a "B" Main with a bump-up of the top 2 finishers filling out the last two spots in the "A" Main. The third place finisher in the "B" Main will receive 11th place overall points on down per GASCAR rules. If the total number of entries is 15 or more, then the top 10 qualifiers start the "A" Main, and the remaining cars run a "B" Main of 100 laps, with the winner receiving 11th place overall points on down per GASCAR rules.

If for any reason, an "A" Main car CANNOT start the main, and "scratches", then all cars move up one starting spot, and the next highest finisher of the "B" Main fills the 10th starting spot in the "A" Main. It is up to the drivers of the "B" Main to have their cars ready to start, in case a car scratches in the "A" Main.

It is the responsibility of the driver who "scratches" in the "A" Main to notify the race director prior to the start of Hot Laps, so he can call up the next qualified driver to fill the position.

PIT STOPS: All mains will be run under GREEN FLAG RULES. All pit stops will be made under the green flag, unless changed in drivers meeting. Host track rules are followed during race day, and if different from GASCAR rules, wil be clarified in drivers meeting.

RED FLAG PIT STOPS: If there are not enough racers to provide adequate pit personnel, and corner marshals, then the mains will be run under the RED FLAG RULE. Pit stops will be called by the race director and all cars will come into pits, under race directors control, and be refueled by the drivers. Race will resume when all drivers are returned to drivers stand. Red Flag pit stops are under the control of the race director, and will be covered in drivers meeting.

All cars being fueled during pit stops must be lifted completely over the pit wall during fueling, and NOT fueled over the road surface, in order to keep pit road clear. Minor repairs can be made during pit stops but must not interfere with other racers pit activity. Pit road activity will be monitored by host track and rules will be strictly enforced. Any car NOT following pit stop rules, may be black flagged by race director, and assessed a "Stop and Go" penalty. Any driver receiving more that two "Stop and Go" penalties in same race, or ignores a "stop and go warning" is black flagged and disqualified from that race.

RAIN-OUTS: In the event that rain stops the race; the completion of TWO qualifying rounds constitutes an official race. If the second qualifier is NOT completed, in its entirety, before racing is stopped, the race is declared unofficial, and will be re-scheduled at another date.

Any driver not using the "Spread Spektrum radio systems (not requiring crystals), MUST use the Frequency Pins and Board provided by host track to control frequency interferences. Frequency board is to be provided and monitored by the Host Track. This is a safety issue, and any driver not abiding by the frequency board control system, will be disqualified from competition.

DRIVER BEHAVIOR AND SAFETY: Every driver must race from designated driver stand position. All pit stops must be made on designated Pit Road position. Pit stops must be carried through by Pit Crew only. Drivers are NOT allowed to cross track of competition during a race, and must remain on drivers stand until race is over, or his car is out of competition. Any driver using foul, or abusive language, or behavior, will be asked to leave the track premises. All drivers and pit crews are expected to abide by all GASCAR rules, and host track rules, until race program is completed.

FLAMEOUTS: Flameouts during qualifers are terminal, meaning that if a car flames out during the qualifying heats, the car is brought to the infield by the corner marshal, and remains there until the qualifier is complete.

Flameouts during the Mains can be re-started by a designated pit member in the infield. Neither pit members, nor corner marshals are allowed to cross the track during competition. Drivers must remain on drivers stand while car is being restarted or repaired, and returned to track. If car is not returned to competition, driver may then leave drivers stand.

Corner marshals are NOT allowed to work on cars in the infield, but may check a cars condition before returning it to the track after a mishap.

CAUTION FLAGS: A race may be "under caution" at any time by the Race Director if track conditions require that cars be slowed. Cars will slow to speed dictated by the Race Director and realigned accordingly before restart.

RED FLAGS: A race may be "red flagged" at any time by the Race Director if the track becomes impassable, or blocked, by wrecked cars. Cars will stop immediately and remain that way until Race Director realigns the car positions for restart.

NOTE: All drivers MUST drive from the designated drivers stand during races. Practice laps can be made from track level, if first approved by race director.


NOTE: This is just a hobby. We dont make our living racing R/C cars. GASCAR officials and track officials are only human and do make mistakes. If you are serious about having fun, we welcome you to our races. If you are serious about winning at any cost, and take this sport so seriously that you exhibit rude and childish behavior because you feel you got "cheated" then please stay home and watch TV. This is a family hobby and it is going to stay that way

COMPUTER SYSTEM: The host track computer system for scoring is the Official Scoring System for all races during race day. Any computer glitches or scoring discrepencies will be handled by the host track. Final race results are scored and posted by host track computer system. Any computer gitch that effects the usual sequence of race day activities or program will be discussed by GASCAR officials and brought to the drivers for approval before race starts.

TIE BREAKERS: In the event of a "Tie" at the end of the season for points series winner, the driver with the most number of wins is declared the winner. If a tie persists, then the driver with the highest number of finishes (for the season) is declared the winner.

UNRESOLVED CONFLICTS: Any race day issues, that cannot be resolved by the host track or race director, will be handled by the GASCAR officials present at said race (and brought to vote by members present). If issue cannot be resolved before the end of the race day, final decisions will be posted on this website the following week.

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